my Imac G5 crash but works with gnu/linux!

I have bought an used Imac G5 with the well-known problem of flickering video output, that put in crash MacOsX most of times.

So I have asked my high skilled motherboard repair man to try to fix it and he have changed many capacitors that are dead on Imac and he have make as first step the re-flow of the video chip and on the last run he have changed the video chip… but MacosX still crash forever.

Before thrown out my Imac G5 , after have tried many times to reinstall MacOsx, I have tryed to install MintPPC 11 gnu/linux distro , and the installation goes perfectly.

How MacOsx Install crash

How even Vlc playing HD Video work on Linux Mint PPC 11 with the same Imac G5

The video card still have problems because it work only at 8 bit and have all colours falsed, but it work, and in text mode I could use it perfectly.

How to configure to make it work in 8bit graphic mode:

From original part of /etc/yaboot.conf :


Modify it in this way:

    append="ro quiet splash nouveau.modeset=0 video=ofonly"

Generate a xorg.conf file with

xorg -configure

and then modify the file adding Visual “GrayScale” on depth 8 of the Screen Section and adding

Defaultdepth 8

SubSection "Display"
Viewport   0 0
Depth     8
Visual "GrayScale"