to Linuxmint 16 Petra from Linuxmint 12

I have a Toshiba C650D-109 ( original with Athlon II dual-core P320 2.10GHz) upgraded by myself with AMD Phenom II Quad-Core Mobile N950, with LinuxMint 12.

I had installed Linux Mint 12 two years ago, I had added, during this last two years, many third part repository to install many upgraded packages ( kdenlive, openshot,blender, etc..) , but now was time to upgrade everything.

Linux Mint 16 Petra installation

Linux Mint 16 Petra installation

I have “upgraded” to LinuxMint 16 Petra Cinamon, as you already know LinuxMint in reality have not the option to upgrade directly, like ubuntu, and this is not bad because in many cases upgrade ubuntu versions directly have same dark sides…

There is a tool in LinuxMint, called mintbackup,  that permit you to backup the list of installed packages , so I have started it and I have make a backup list with this tool. I have saved the list file in a safe place out to the disk or partition that I must reformat.

In my case I had installed Linux Mint 12 with  with one partition with users data ,mounted with /home , and another partition with  the OS: root / partition (if you have only one partition with data and system you need to backup you data before install the new Linux Mint version).

Before install LinuxMint 16 you must annotate the dev number of the /home and / partitions so you can mount correctly when you start the installation, you need to annotate even the uid of your user that you find in file /etc/passwd and the guid that you find in /etc/group , in these way during the installation when you define the user you attach the right uid and guid to the user and so you can use your old data.

When you start LinuxMint installation you need to choose custom partitioning and installation and you must choose to  maintain the /home partition WITHOUT format it, and you need to  root partition /.

Finished the installation when you reboot in Linux Mint 16 you need to open mintbackup and load the back-upped list of installed packages on the old Linxu Mint, please deselect every packages and check only the applications you want to reinstall, be worry do not select libraries if you don’t know really what you are doing. The first time I have left selected all the packages and in this way Linux Mint 16 was broken…

Even this time I’m happy to have installed Linux Mint (Petra). I prefer It more than ubuntu 13.10, I prefer Linux Mint because I like gnome interface( Cinamon or Mate) and I don’t feel myself good using the standard ubuntu interface and the suggested search…

You can find my old posts about Linux Mint 14 e Linux Mint 12.




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