ready a gaming notebook based on powerpc 8 cores T2080 Freescale

Today from ours accredited sources we have the peak preview that before the summer will be ready a 15.6 notebook for gaming based on Freescale T2080 a new 64 bit powerpc 8 virtual cores processor based on four cores dual treated based on 6500 architecture clocked at 1.8Ghz.


This processor is very power efficient in relation to the process power so it fits perfectly on the notebook computing sector, is not already know the GPU used in this notebook, could be a NVIDIA GPU thanks to the collaboration on Open Power Consortium where NVIDIA is working together with IBM and power architecture.

Some Specs of the new powerpc processor T2080:


Four dual-threaded e6500 cores built on Power Architecture® technology

  • Up to 1.8 GHz each, 6.0 DMIPS/MHz per core
  • Shares a 2 MB L2 cache
  • Three levels of instructions: User, supervisor, hypervisor
  • Hybrid 32-bit mode to support legacy software and transition to a 64-bit architecture
  • Advanced power management saving modes include state retention during power gating

Accelerators and Memory Controller

  • 64-bit DDR3/3L SDRAM memory controller with ECC support
    • Up to 2.1 GT/s
    • Memory pre-fetch engine
  • DPAA incorporating acceleration for the following functions
    • Packet parsing, classification and distribution up to 24Gb/s (FMAN)
    • Queue management for scheduling, packet sequencing and congestion management of up to 2^24 queues (QMAN)
    • Hardware buffer management for buffer allocation and de-allocation with 64 buffer pools (BMAN)
    • Integrated security acceleration (SEC) to 10 Gbps
    • Decompression/compression acceleration at up to 17.5 Gbps (DCE)
    • Signature detection (PME) to 10Gb/s
    • DPAA support of RapidIO® messaging (RMAN) (T2080 only)

In the document power architecture roadmap of Freescale you can find more info about this processor.

In any case this powerpc notebook will run gun/linux, probably ubuntu and amiga OS,  the compatibility of Amiga Os is already working for other powerpc Freescale based amiga’s , the Amiga One X5000 and Amiga One X3500 motherboard machines.

last time update:

Valve is pushing gaming on linux architecture so soon will be not so strange to see run steam games even on powerpc architecture, don’t forget that IBM have the technology to run x86 linux processes in powerpc architectures

2 comments on “ready a gaming notebook based on powerpc 8 cores T2080 Freescale

  1. … after colaboration IRC chat (some 28 c0re developers, 32o people in total on mailing list) ItalianOpenHw Asociation Statute called “Power Progress Comunity” is ready…preCrowdFunding state, choosing cases for PowerPC64_endian_little notebook is the topic now… \o/ 🙂 <(")

    Luke Lighton is doing simillar respectYourFreedom parametric laptop design usin ARM hw…:


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