gnu/linux PowerPC notebook project at LinuxDay 2014

At LinuxDay in Milan this 25th October I will present the project “Open Source Linux PowerPC notebook” and I want to join together passionate peoples that want to make happen a new open source powerpc notebook will be produced soon. I believe with this project to meets the needs of a relatively small but vigorous community of enthusiasts.

My passion on innovation and for this project have already motivated a producer to start to design the mobo of this PowerPC Notebook.

To make it produced and designed near our needs your participation make the difference.

PowerPC notebook -  creadits: flickr metalmarious Laptop

PowerPC notebook – creadits: flickr metalmarious Laptop

Here some guide lines of this PowerPC notebook:

  • Open (community involvement in development)
  • Upgradeable (MXM video card, RAM, SDD / HDD, etc)
  • Italian motherboard design (we hope to be produced and assembled in Italy)
  • Power/powerpc architecture last generation (64-bit advanced altivec, multi tread)
  • For gaming (virtualization of Wii / WiiU, ps3, xbox360, we are searching developers)
  • Virtualization macosx powerpc (now also runs virtualized Macsox 10.4.x)
  • Power/powerpc gnu/linux server virtualization for professionals

If you want to join and strengthen the “PowerPC Notebook Team” check the PowerPC notebook website.

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