Against hardware obsolescience: Petition to have Android 6 for “older” Onyx BOOX

have Android 4.0.x ( as all the others ONYX BOOK sold 2-3 years ago).
I cannot read DRM ebook , so even if for hardware side is ok, due to the fact that Onyx doesn’t maintain and upgrade the older models to new Android, we cannot use properly Adobe DRM and we cannot use application that distribute DRM ebook/pdf.

As ONYX BOOK new version have Android 6.x why Onyx force us to have an obsolete device?
Onyx now use Android 6.x for the newer model, why Onyx doesn’t support older models?
In a long run this Beauvoir will not be rewarding.

Do you like to make a petition to ask Onyx to update Android version even for the Older Onyx models?

In any case I pretend to have Android 6.x on others older Onyx Models ( its already old Android 6.x) because many application doesn’t run any more on Android 4.x like an application to view ebook for a limited time (for free) from my public library.

So if someone like we can start a petition to ask to upgrade older Onyx models, as is something a good practice to Onyx customers.

In fact there was an Android 4.4 upgrade (experimental) , you can download from web archive.…nt/8-downloads

Here the github source of the Android that Onyx use on their e-reader
So we can contact Onyx developer to try to use their newer Android version on our older Onyx

I have already written to a programmer that I found in the Onyx github page, but at the moment no answer…

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