We build a custom gnu/linux powerpc Smartbook!

We, the group buying will build a custom gnu/linux Smartbook/notebook !

But is needed to expand who is the “we”.

If “we” will be many people that like to ask to a little producer to produce a custom notebook or smartbook with an ARM or Powerpc processor ( why not a MIPS?).

A group of buying that could order 1000 pieces to a little producer is enough ( I believe) to start a production, so our “fried” for make a powerpc notebook is a little producer and what’s more we (the blog) want to empower virtuous producers ( please refer to Values page of this blog to go more deep on our vision) .

If “we” are many people that like to have a powerful notebook based on ARM or Powerpc architecture and with a full support of gnu/linux, WE CAN BUILD IT.

Personally I prefer a powerful notebook based on Powerpc architecture.

If “we” want gnu/linux on it, not Chrome OS or Android or other proprietary OS, WE CAN BUILD IT.

First of all we need to know each others and check our desires and wishes.

So let’s start with a poll on the right sidebar

Thanks friends

Roberto Innocenti ( Delirio Tecnologico blogger)


Thank’s HP for support Open Source!!!

In my previous post I have explained the reasons why HP should adopt WebOS , and finally now HP have made the more intelligent choice.

I have a Hp Touchpad take from ebay for around 250$ and recently I have take a palm pixi plus, I like very much the interface and now that WebOS will be fully Open Source I feel even better!

I hope new WebOS based devices will arrive even in the 2012, we will see, and probably we will see WebOS installed on others devices…




Why Hp should continue to adopt WebOS

In March of this Year in my Italian blog deliriotecnologico I had write about the decision of HP to pre-install WebOS on every devices that it produce , my opinion was very positive about the HP decision to continue to support the Free Software Business Model,  for my point of view was a  sign of maturity of HP  in relation to the “new times”.

Even If WebOS is not exactly Free Software because, like Android and Meego, it permits for many components and applications to use Apache like licences that allow to make a source code closed, in any case this fact is a progress in to the direction to share software knowledge and efforts.

HP already is active supporting free software donating code for printer driver, pre-installing gnu/linux OS , providing open drivers for their notebook, etc… Adopt a free software based OS as WebOS  in all HP devices is a further step forward. In any case have control over the software and OS  (shared with others) it’s an important step for an hardware producer company, and this is an import reason why is very good for HP to use and develop WebOS every where.

Nokia with Meego was in the same position , to have their own OS for doesn’t start to depend from others OS producer, and sadly in the moment that Meego is ready to “give back” in term of profits the investments done , Nokia abandon it… For HP the hypothesis to abandon WebOS is a un-rational move like for Nokia was to abandon Meego.

My impression is that these Companies was pressed from “outside”  against the company interest. These companies have the intelligence and power ( not less than BlackBerry and Apple) to be really independent even in term of OS software.

WebOS , like Meego ( that for be onest I have not already tested),  on my Hp Touchpad is very mature , and outperform others OS in term of multi-tasking , interface and gnu-linux support for professionals ( I use on it Ubuntu 11.04 chroot ) ; i prefer WebOS more the Android even in terms of interface;  I use Android 2.x in others devices , even if I have not already tested Android 3.x and Android 4.X