interview at Michael Mrozek co-founder of OpenPandora

I’m a OpenPandora owner , I had booked it on 2008, you can find some of my old posts regarding OpenPandora.

This time I have make this interview at Michael Mrozek that is now, from my point of view, the more active co-founder of OpenPandora.

Michael Mrozek at GamesCom 2013 ( at dx)

Michael Mrozek at GamesCom 2013 ( at dx)

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Why not netbook or Notebook with powerpc?

Sorry for my english… ( becouse my natural language it’s  Italian )

Now that smartbooks are not with x86 processors and in this way they couldn’t  use anymore Windows Xp/Vista/7, we use gnu/linux or derivates (there is some strange exceptions ), why not will be possibile to use notebook with PowerPc processors?

Over that, IBM , that is the founders of PowerPC platform (with Freescale),  with it’s Transitive (acquired on 2008), have the tool to run x86 binary program on PowerPc (like rosetta on intel platform , build from the same software huse some years ago).

In this way it’s possible to run x86 gnu/linux applications and even with some more effort even Windows applications ( at least with Wine, but cuod be with an extension for QEMU of the transitive tecnology…)

Over that gnu/linux on Powerpc at the moment is more devolped that ARM port, so I think there are many reasons to make powerpc notebooks and netbooks.

Can be there is some future scenario for powerpc on notebook?

Why not?