kdenlive editing video with lubuntu 13.10 on Imac G5

On my lubuntu 13.10 installed on my Imac G5 1.8ghz, I have captured with kdeinlive (0.9.6 version) my 2 hours video rec ordered on MiniDV cassette with my jvc digital camera.

In fact my Imac G5 is one of mine powerpc machine with installed gnu/linux powerpc, for testing purpose , waiting a new powerpc notebook and desktop.

kdeinlive lubuntu powerpc on Imac G5

kdeinlive lubuntu powerpc on Imac G5

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my “famous” Imac G5 now is a Crux PPC tester!

You remember that my Imac G5 that have problem with video card and doesn’t work with MacOSX but runs perfectly as server with gnu/linux?

vlc play HD video on Mint PPC 11 on a corrupted video card

vlc play HD video on Mint PPC 11 on a corrupted video card

At the end of  December 2013 I have shipped to Crux PPC team and now it work perfectly as a testing machine for Crux PPC team!!!

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to Linuxmint 16 Petra from Linuxmint 12

I have a Toshiba C650D-109 ( original with Athlon II dual-core P320 2.10GHz) upgraded by myself with AMD Phenom II Quad-Core Mobile N950, with LinuxMint 12.

I had installed Linux Mint 12 two years ago, I had added, during this last two years, many third part repository to install many upgraded packages ( kdenlive, openshot,blender, etc..) , but now was time to upgrade everything.

Linux Mint 16 Petra installation

Linux Mint 16 Petra installation

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preparing a really new open-source portable gaming console

In the last post I have made an interview to Michael Mrozek ( EvilDragon)  , owner of OpenPandora GmbH, he is who in 2008 , with some others guys, made a great and powerful open-source gaming console called Pandora.

I have made to EvilDragon  some others questions about the future of Pandora and I have asked him some suggestion about my light dream of a new powerful powerpc notebook.

OpenPandora GamesCom 2013

Pandora Open Source console at GamesCom 2013

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interview at Michael Mrozek co-founder of OpenPandora

I’m a OpenPandora owner , I had booked it on 2008, you can find some of my old posts regarding OpenPandora.

This time I have make this interview at Michael Mrozek that is now, from my point of view, the more active co-founder of OpenPandora.

Michael Mrozek at GamesCom 2013 ( at dx)

Michael Mrozek at GamesCom 2013 ( at dx)

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Does we port Dolphin Emulator to Powerpc?

dolphin emulator Wii and GameCube

dolphin emulator Wii and GameCube

It’s very funny that there is a open source project ( Dolphin ) and a package for gnu/linux that emulate Nintendo GameCube and Wii and work only for x86 architecture with a uge work of emulation of powerpc Wii/GameCube processor. It’s funny because on gnu/linux for powerpc we can simply virtualize the GameCube/Wii powerpc processor with kvm and in this way we don’t need so powerful machine for emulate the powerpc processor. It’s funny because nowadays Dolphin doesn’t work on powerpc architecture, very funny!!!

Ten days ago I have wrote this mail to one of the Dolphin emulator team:

There is anyone that is trying to compile dolphin-emu for powerpc architecture?
As I have read well doplhin-emulator need much RAM , a powerful GPU and CPU.
A powerful CPU is needed for the emulation, but with a powerpc CPU I think that dolphin-emu with kvm dosen’t need to emulate the CPU and doesn’t need a powerful CPU.
On the Powerpc world it’s possible to use ATI GPU so there are not problem on GPU performance.

but at the moment I have not received any answer, so I wrote on the dolphin forum 

Nowadays we have acube system powerpc pc, a-eon powerpc amigaone x 1000 and soon Servergy will produce pcubed powerpc devkit. Over that nowadays it is possible to buy cheap used powerpc G4/G5 machines with NVIDIA or ATI video card, so I think make sense to port Dolphin to Powerpc architecture and thanks to the virtualization of kvm on powerpc ( as demonstrated on my previous post ) we will play virtualized game powerpc console like GameCube and Wii.  In the future why not virtualize with a proper powerpc cpu PS3 , xbox 360 and WiiU.

Do  you like to port Dolphin Emulator to powerpc architecture?  If Yes we can build a group of people that will do that.

UPDATED 25 September 2013

Yesterday after published this post and wrote on the dolphin forum a Dolphin Developer answer me , I thank you very much for his quick answer:

The Dolphin emulator makes assumptions /everywhere/ in the code that it is running on a little endian machine.
I looked towards gaining support for big endian in Dolphin a few years ago and it immediately hit roadblock after roadblock with big endian support.
It would be a massive undertaking with how large our codebase is.

Not to mention we now require OpenGL 3.x and I’m not sure how many PowerPC hosts support that…

  • What do you think about?
  • OpenGL 3.x from which opensource driver is supported? because on powerpc platform at the moment we can “only” count on opensource video driver.

UPDATED 26 September 2013

The discussion on the Dolphin Forum continue… that’s very interesting:

A developer:

It’s very difficult because throughout the entire ten years of the lifetime of the project, there hasn’t been any thought put in to the source that it’ll run on a big endian machine because no developers have thought/cared for it to run on a big endian system. It would take a while to do.

I invite everyone interested on the topic to comments and in case start to collaborate to port dolphin on powerpc

powerpc G4 virtualization with kvm

Thanks to the help of Alexander Graf that in 2009 inform me that in that days kvm for powerpc was supporting only the G5, and now on the 2013 tell me that kvm now support G4 . To be onest I haven’t found any information around the web talking about the possibility of the powrerpc G4 to virtualize, even if from the time of born of Mac-on-Linux application in fact mol was virtualizing mac os x 10.3.x and 10.4.x

Writing this post I hope to share something useful for you.

I have wrote this post first on my italian blog . Now I have rewrite it here in my english….

Needed steps to compile kvm and qemu on powerpc

Debian Qemu Kvm Powerpc G4

Debian Qemu Kvm Powerpc G4

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We build a custom gnu/linux powerpc Smartbook!

We, the group buying will build a custom gnu/linux Smartbook/notebook !

But is needed to expand who is the “we”.

If “we” will be many people that like to ask to a little producer to produce a custom notebook or smartbook with an ARM or Powerpc processor ( why not a MIPS?).

A group of buying that could order 1000 pieces to a little producer is enough ( I believe) to start a production, so our “fried” for make a powerpc notebook is a little producer and what’s more we (the blog) want to empower virtuous producers ( please refer to Values page of this blog to go more deep on our vision) .

If “we” are many people that like to have a powerful notebook based on ARM or Powerpc architecture and with a full support of gnu/linux, WE CAN BUILD IT.

Personally I prefer a powerful notebook based on Powerpc architecture.

If “we” want gnu/linux on it, not Chrome OS or Android or other proprietary OS, WE CAN BUILD IT.

First of all we need to know each others and check our desires and wishes.

So let’s start with a poll on the right sidebar

Thanks friends

Roberto Innocenti ( Delirio Tecnologico blogger)

Thank’s HP for support Open Source!!!

In my previous post I have explained the reasons why HP should adopt WebOS , and finally now HP have made the more intelligent choice.

I have a Hp Touchpad take from ebay for around 250$ and recently I have take a palm pixi plus, I like very much the interface and now that WebOS will be fully Open Source I feel even better!

I hope new WebOS based devices will arrive even in the 2012, we will see, and probably we will see WebOS installed on others devices…