At LinuxDay 2014 good interest in the Open Source PowerPC notebook project

I’m busy organizing the team of Open Source PowerPC notebook (over my others social actions ) so I’m late updating about what’s happen at LinuxDay on 25th October and after.

PowerPC Presentation LinuxDay

PowerPC Presentation LinuxDay

In the morning of October 25th I presented the project to the students participating at Milan’s LinuxDay, while during the afternoon I repeated my speech in front of everybody else. The presentation was so popular that there were more people than seats and a few had to stand to attend my speech. Continue reading


Thank’s HP for support Open Source!!!

In my previous post I have explained the reasons why HP should adopt WebOS , and finally now HP have made the more intelligent choice.

I have a Hp Touchpad take from ebay for around 250$ and recently I have take a palm pixi plus, I like very much the interface and now that WebOS will be fully Open Source I feel even better!

I hope new WebOS based devices will arrive even in the 2012, we will see, and probably we will see WebOS installed on others devices…