lubuntu 14.04 LTS powerpc virtualized on G4

Now with a G4 powerpc you could test with virtualization in your linux powerpc distro!

lubuntu 14.04 desktop powerpc virtualized

lubuntu 14.04 desktop powerpc virtualized

In my case I have tested lubuntu Trusty 14.04 installation inside qemu 2.0(rc2) with kvm inside my lubuntu 13.10 powerpc running as host on my G4 powerpc powerbook.

I have already tested virtualization on G4 with kvm installing lubuntu 13.04 inside lubuntu 13.04 host, and already tested lubuntu live 13.04 powerpc installation virtualized on my G5 with lubuntu 13.10 powerpc, with QEMU 2.0 and kvm.

Lubuntu 14.04 desktop installation on my G5 with NVIDIA GPU freeze, even with G5 Qemu 2.0rc0 kvm lubuntu 14.04 live doesn’t install, it need an updated kernel i believe as on G4. Continue reading